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Why you need an attorney 

Attorneys are blamed for frivolous lawsuits or other court cases reported in the news. The reality is that it is just these types of issues that make competent and ethical legal council so valuable. Our legal system is so complex that without an advocate to guide you through the myriad of procedures, it is easy to find yourself entangled in the system, which can leade to significant financial penalties or the compromising of your Constitutional protections. 

These Constitutional protections are not only for those charged with serious crimes but those who simply need to make sure that they are protected in contractual negotiations or in the preparation of documents including the most basic, and perhaps most important legal document, the ultimate disposition of your worldly possessions upon your passing. 

What to consider when selecting an attorney

Any of these legal tasks can become a nightmare or even impossible without an attorney, acting as your advocate, who is capable of providing guidance and assistance. 

It is important that the attorney you select represent you in a manner consistent with your values. Since attorneys are so prevalent in our society and represent the entire spectrum of values in our society, it can be difficult to find one that shares your values. 

Relax, Darrell Holland is a gifted attorney who will work to understand appreciate your values and make sure they are honored when he is acting as your advocate. Contact Darrell today for a confidential review of your situation. 

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